My Quest for a Meaningful New Role
September 2018

As I have been evaluating what I plan to do in the next chapter of my career, I've synthesized what is truly important to me in my next role. This page is both a statement of my intent and a request for assistance from my friends and colleagues.
Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested, as I am committed to finding the right fit, not necessarily the expedient or obvious one.

Thank you,
Alora Chistiakoff
Finding the Right Fit
For those who may not know my history, I have worked in technology (companies or technology roles in non-tech companies) since 1996. I have worked at small startups (both bootstrapped and VC-funded), I have worked at large corporations. I have run hosting and operations, PMO, professional services and even the whole business. 

My resume and LinkedIn profiles are at the bottom, if you want to check out my past, including my most recent role as a Vice President at a large multi-national.

When it comes to my future, however, I am looking to join the leadership team of an Austin-based technology organization striving to meet high-growth expectations while maintaining a commitment to quality client delivery.
My Mission
To help entrepreneurial CEOs build scalable organizations that attract and retain world-class talent.
  • The development of a business operations organization that can scale to support the rapid growth of the business.
  • Consulting services to support both one-off strategic projects as well as on-going operational needs.
  • Coaching leaders, managers, teams and key staff to help maximize their performance and personal development.
My Strengths  
  • Working closely with creative, complex entrepreneurial personalities to help translate their vision into the real world
  • Understanding a complex strategy, distilling what it will take to get there, building a plan to get there and then clearly communicating it to all stakeholders
  • Finding and motivating the people needed to drive execution
  • The intuitive and nuanced matchmaking that goes into building a team that is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Building consensus around a goal, and helping organize stakeholders into a cohesive team with clear common objectives
  • Energizing and motivating teams to accomplish more than they thought possible
My Search  
  • An entrepreneurial CEO on a mission, someone who believes deeply in what he/she is trying to accomplish and is passionate in how they communicate that to others
  • A public, demonstrable commitment by leadership to building an organization with a world class culture
  • A high-trust executive team that honors the roles, responsibilities and strengths of its members
  • Thoughtful consideration given to the organization's relationship with employees, customers and community
  • A leadership team that believes in the importance of being involved in the local Austin business community
  • An executive leadership team that values diversity and makes organizational choices which promote that priority
My Role
  • Building a high performing team that cultivates a win-win culture
  • Creating an organization that helps people connect with their own need to find meaningful work
  • Foster a high-energy organizational culture that helps cultivate strong interpersonal relationships among colleagues
  • Solve difficult, complicated problems through creativity and collaboration
  • Cultivating a high-trust environment in which challenges are seen as motivational, not threatening
  • Coaching and mentoring my staff to identify their own meaningful work objectives, and then support their efforts to attain them
My New Organization
  • An Austin-based office with a local leadership team
  • Face-to-face daily interaction with my peers and staff
  • An organization either in or rapidly approaching an inflection point and/or high-growth acceleration (often caused by investment, M&A, major new client, etc.)
  • An organization that is likely fewer than 100 people, but certainly fewer than 200
  • A company that has been around for a little while, has clarity on the business model, and now is focused on how best to execute -- probably with a lot of urgency
  • An office in which humor, beer and trust are as prolific as hard work, brilliance and creative problem-solving

Contact Me
Please email me at for a conversation, funny memes or a glass of wine.

For those interested, here is my:

And while most people will likely think that I am looking for a software/technology company, I am actually not assuming that has to be the case.

I am requesting that my network share this page generously, as I am a firm believer in the incredible and unforeseen power of serendipitous connections. While my friends and colleagues are brilliant and talented individuals, I know they are also connected with other brilliant and talented individuals I do not currently know and would like to.